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Occupational safety, health & environmental protection

The basis of our entrepreneurial activities with respect to safety at work, health and environment protection is compliance with the law. In addition, we carry out special measures to continuously improve the standards we have reached so far.


A characteristic of our group are short lines of communication, which optimize the exchange of information and decision-making within the group. The transparency of our decisions ensures that everyone involved contributes actively and quickly to the decision-making process within the framework of his or her competence.


Our customers evaluate the quality we deliver. With our diverse scope of services we can cover a large variety of customer requirements. By selectively co-ordinating the group’s companies with the required specialty area we can guarantee a maximum degree of reliability.


We live up to the high demands of the national and international market by offering comprehensive system solutions in the area of construction and, in addition, by accepting payment in rates and buy-back deals. This concept is the basis for our market activities. With our innovative approaches in the fields of process management, project management and technology we are always able to maintain our role as an important decision-maker in the international market.


Our growth is based on our employees, who we offer great challenges and all the support we can provide. For motivated employees, there are attractive options for advancing in their job – both on national and on international level. As a group of companies, however, we have always managed to remain understandable for everyone – by human standards, our size is still comprehensible.


Expertise and reliability are the basic principles for our partnerships with customers, suppliers, authorities and with the public.


Maximum cost-effectiveness is a key factor of all our business actions. The efficient employment of labour, the continuous optimization of our productivity and the economical use of working materials will lastingly guarantee our company’s success in the future.